About us

Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean. The island is located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands known as the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies.

Montserrat Yachting Association (MYA) has been established for the purpose of developing yachting in Montserrat. MYA is registered in Montserrat (registration number 01/2014).

I was living in Montserrat for 10 months and during that time I met Serge and Tirzah. I didn’t have much experience with sailing before; I was just onboard a couple times but I was always passionate about sailing. Montserrat Yachting Association gave me a priceless opportunity by giving me sailing lessons: both theoretical (thank you Mr. O’Garro!) and practical lessons for 5 months. While the association taught me about controlling the yacht, wind and weather taught me to be patient! I thoroughly recommend Montserrat Yachting Association and I want to thank all of the members for their professionalism and enthusiasm. It was a big pleasure being your first students.

I have always been curious about sailboats until I met Serge. With his team, he gave me the opportunity to learn more about them. For more than five months, they provided me sailing classes with seriousness, professionalism and safety - as a lifeguard, this point is really important to me. Now I feel really competent at sailing. I highly recommend Montserrat Yachting Association if you are looking for a unique and amazing experience.