MAY 2021

Our Organisation continues to grow, and we always appreciate it when existing Members recommend their colleagues to us. As a Members' Association, we know our Members will ensure the standards of MYA are strictly upheld. Remember this! MYA Qualifications are only offered to appropriately qualified and experienced Yacht-Captains and Crew Members.

Some news from the RYA - they are saying that RYA Qualifications are no longer being recognised by some European Countries. According to the RYA, this is due to Brexit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and your families in this challenging Covid 19 or Coronavirus time. We hope you will all remain healthy, and that the restrictions are not affecting your employment.


Another year begins with more Yachtsmen and women joining MYA every week. We are so fortunate to have this growing family of experienced, qualified people! We wish the compliments of the season to all our Instructors, Agents, Members and Friends all around the world, and we wish you everything you wish for yourself in 2021 and beyond. MYA is a growing organisation, yes, but still small enough for us to have a personal relationship with all our Members - I hope you know that you can contact us, and we will make every endeavour to answer your query immediately and fully.

Here is a reminder to all those Members who need to renew their certificates in 2021. We are sending out reminders, but there is no guarantee that the contact details we have for you are still up to date. Don't forget, it is your responsibility to renew your membership every five years or risk your name coming off our Register. Renewal is a straight-forward process, just get in touch with us by email and we will take it from there. We can also demonstrate in a practical way how much we value our Members - renewal of Certificates is offered at a very special price, that is 50% of the original cost of certificates! So, don't delay, if your renewal date is coming up, get in touch with us now.

30 October 2018

A busy season for MYA, and much travelling for our Directors, making contacts in countries where MYA is under-represented, and meeting old friends too, great to get to know the latest news of our representatives and to enjoy some social time too. Hopefully we can do some more visits in the coming year.

MYA is planning to undertake some practical skills courses for young people in Montserrat, we now have our training boat ready to use during the Winter and are hopeful that we can attract some enthusiastic youngsters, and they can learn to enjoy sailing as we do. Sadly, there seems to be little progress with the new Breakwater and Port Development in Montserrat, which makes planning regular training sessions difficult, as we are often affected by the weather. However we hope to see some progress with the works in 2019.

Members are reminded to check whether their certification is due for renewal. Certificates need to be renewed every five years and the cost of renewal is 50% of the original cost for each certificate. We really appreciate it if you can submit your applications for renewals in good time, before your certificates expire. If you believe you are in a position to upgrade your qualifications, renewal time is a good time to do this. You can RENEW and UPGRADE at the same time, providing the evidence you provide is accepted by our Assessment Panel.

14th July 2018

In just the last few months we have welcomed new members from many parts of the world, including Italy, Russia, Latvia, Montenegro, Estonia, Ukraine, Qatar, Philippines, United Kingdom, Romania, Slovenia, Malta, Israel, Lithuania,Bulgaria and Switzerland. This clearly demonstrates the ever-increasing popularity of Montserrat Yachting qualifications. We know that we have members working in many other parts of the world, spreading the word about MYA on their travels. It is so encouraging to us to know that our strict examination and verification processes are recognised and valued by so many Maritime Authorities.

1st January 2018

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Members, Instructors, Representatives and Friends. Hoping 2018 will bring you everything you wish for. Good health, happiness and blessings to you all from Montserrat Yachting Association.

30 November 2017

I'm sure MYA Members wonder what it is we do during the Summer months each year. Maybe you all think the office is closed down and we are all relaxing on a beach! Not so! Summer is the time when we head for the UK and then to Europe and beyond - meeting colleagues, promoting MYA, purchasing equipment, lobbying Government bodies - and of course, just a little sailing and, yes, relaxing on a beach. Here in Montserrat, the island is recovering from the effects of hurricanes, two in quick succession this Summer. Fortunately Montserrat was not directly hit by either of them, although there was some damage to property, power lines and roads. Other islands nearby were not so lucky and I am sure you will have heard news stories about the ravages the hurricanes caused throughout the Caribbean. Storms like these disrupt the lives of the population, sometimes for years - homes have gone, businesses and work-places destroyed, schools and hospitals closed down. Many governments have stepped in to help, as have individuals and groups from other Caribbean islands. Indeed Montserrat, which is a tiny island, and certainly not a wealthy one, stepped in to help Dominica by sending boat-loads of provisions and even taking in Dominican children, so that they would miss out on their schooling. Other islands were given assistance also.

Montserrat Yachting Association continues to grow from strength to strength, with more members joining every week, in fact over fifty new members have achieved accreditation this Summer alone. A very big thank you to our Instructors for all their efforts and to Members for sharing information and making recommendations. We are currently waiting to unload a container of 'goodies' which we have shipped in from UK - more news on that to follow soon, but we do find ourselves getting frustrated with the slowness of the bureaucracy here in Montserrat. I am sure it is the same the world over.

26 June 2017

Some good news from the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. This little island in the Caribbean - home of Montserrat Yachting Association of course - was devastated in 1995 by the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano and sinced then has struggled to recover and to rebuild after the destruction of its main town Plymouth, the port and airport. Airport facilities were completed in 2005, but access by water has been limited to a small jetty in Little Bay. Finally a new breakwater and port is to be constructed and news of this was announced by Premier Donaldson Romeo in his recent budget speech. This is great news for the island as access by sea will be much improved - and great news for MYA also as having a sheltered harbour will allow us to bring in Sail-Training boats and provide a safe mooring for our own and visiting yachts. It will also provide safe waters for our beginners sailing courses, available free of charge to the children on the island, and for Power Boat Training also. We also hope to welcome MYA Members here in future - and we have accommodation available here on island for any Members who would like to vacation here. Despite the ravages of the Volcano, Montserrat is still a beautiful island - mountains, beaches, tropical forests, delightful people - and of course our very own "Pompei", the ruins of Plymouth, now disappearing under the ash from our Pyroclastic Volcano.

7th April 2017

This is such a busy year so far, with now 300 members of Montserrat Yachting Association. A very big thank you to all our Instructors and representatives worldwide, for your sterling work in training yachtsmen and promoting the Association. Here in Montserrat we have been plagued with power outages, due to the installation of a new power station for the island. Many teething troubles, hopefully now resolved - and our apologies to those of you who have waited for a response to emails - no power, no internet! Still, this is still a beautiful island, with a wonderful climate and we are very lucky to be able to live and work here.

23rd January 2017

A very Happy New Year to all our Members, Instructors and many friends around the world! Our first successful candidates in 2017 have been awarded an MYA Qualification, and include Stavri Nenov (Bulgaria), Mehmet Unal (Turkey), Zahit Saglik (Turkey), Urgun Demet (Turkey), Muzaffer Senyurt (Turkey), Meric Katman (Turkey), Roman Bilostehniuk (Ukraine), Victor Stolbnev (Russia), Dmitrii Zubov (Russia), Yanko Shtakov (Bulgaria) and Chris Mol (The Netherlands). Many congratulations to you all on achieving your qualifications and a very warm welcome to the growing MYA family.

30th December 2016

As 2016 draws to a close we have been reflecting back on a very successful and progressive time for Montserrat Yachting Association. We are happy to be putting in place the important building blocks for continued growth - developing relationships, establishing partnerships and maintaining friendships. What will 2017 bring? We wish blessings and career success for all our Members and many friends in sailing with fair winds and fine weather to keep us all heading in the right direction.

19th December 2016

This month our Managing Director, Peter, made a visit to the UK and attended a number of meetings with various Yachting Organisations. A very productive visit, and we hope to bring you further news on that front in due course. Peter and Margaret were also celebrating the birth of their sixth and seventh grandchildren, yes it was twins! We are truly blessed.

A milestone has been reached this month, with the registration of our two-hundred-and-fiftieth (250) Member. Delighted to report that MYA is going from strength to strength, and our qualifications are widely accepted and valued by our Members.

Welcome to new Members this month, including Maris Krumins from Latvia and Aleksei Okhrimenko, Aleksandr Novoseltsev and Aleksandr Aurite, all from Russia. Congratulations to you all.

And finally, may we take this opportunity to send all our Members best wishes at this season of goodwill, blessings to you and yours and we wish you good health and happiness in 2017.

15th November 2016

November began with something of a crisis, when we found ourselves unable to send or receive emails and with no access to our own website. What a catastrophy, and our sincere apologies to members, friends and clients who were trying to contact us. However, all was soon resolved with the aid of our lovely Webmaster Alex. Many thanks Alex for looking after us.

Congratulations to Grygory Shostak and Maksym Chernov, who have achieved MYA Qualifications. Your awards are now listed on our register on the Website, gentlemen, with our apologies for the delay - due to the problems mentioned above. We also welcome new members Maksym Poddubov and Vladimir Sablin this month. A warm welcome to Montserrat Yachting Association, and we hope our association will be a long and happy one.

24th October 2016

We are delighted to welcome three new Members to our growing family of yachtsmen. Alexei Molkov and Dmittry Simanov are both from Russia and Ivan Ivanov is from Bulgaria. Many congratulations to you all on achieving your qualifications.

We are also very excited to welcome Vladimirs Sizovs as our representative for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We look forward very much to working with you in the future. Prospective members in those areas who would like further information about MYA may contact Vladimirs direct on E-mail:, Tel.: +37129691803.

We have just received great news from our dear friends Sergiy and Tirzah Yanchyshyn, who are progressing their dream of providing Self-Financed Missionary-Yachtsman Training from their base in Taiwan. Training is being offered at a very reasonable rate, together with accommodation and will include practical sailing skills and guidance on living/working aboard a sailing boat. This will enable missionaries to support themselves, travel anywhere in the world and have a base to live whilst spreading the Word of Our Lord. We wish every success to Sergiy and Tirzah in this exciting venture. Jesus wants them to do this, and will show them the way. For further information, contact Sergiy and Tirzah direct on Email, Tel: +886-966-141679

8th October 2016

If you are a regular reader of our news page, you may be wondering what Montserrat Yachting Association has been doing for the past two months. Indeed, you may be saying "Montserrat Yachting Association has been doing NOTHING for the past two months"! You could not be more WRONG! We have been very busy indeed! During the Summer in the UK, we have been making new contacts, joining forces with other training organisations and promoting the business to a world-wide audience at Trade Shows and International Events..

We have also bought a new boat, to assist with practical skills training for our Members. Our new boat, Greywing II is intended to be in the water and operational early in the new year, after having a re-fit and some adaptations to make it more suitable for our needs.

In September we relocated back to Montserrat, home, office, four Springer Spaniels, Two forty-foot Containers - and of course the MYA Landrover. We have been re-establishing our Caribbean office here in Montserrat, and that has gone well, apart from the usual technical hiccups.

In the meantime, work carries on and we are delighted to recognise a number of new Members, who have achieved Qualifications recently. They include Illia Shevchenko (Ukraine), Altawibb Jasim (Philippines), Mikhaylo Kalynov (Ukraine), Dzmitry Yarmolenka (Russia), Oleg Muntyan (Ukraine), Aleksandr Kuris (Russia), Taras Trofimenko (Russia) and Sebastion Roth (Australia). As ever, we are so happy to see our Members progressing well in their careers. It is becoming more and more evident that MYA is attracting Members from ever further afield, with MYA-Qualified Yachtsmen working in all countries from the Antipodes to Iceland and beyond!

29th July 2016

Congratulations to new members Oleksandr Pitertsev (Russia) and Zoran Pantic (Serbia) who have been awarded Yacht Master Ocean Qualifications. We wish them both well in their future careers!

16th July 2016

Good News from our dear friends Serge and Tirzah! After an hair-raising voyage, they have safely reached Taiwan - and have proved the mettle of their new yacht, a Fareast 18 which stood up well to extremely stormy weather in the South China Sea. We wish them many more safe passages and good fortune wherever they are. Blessings to you both.

Montserrat Yachting Association is pleased to award qualifications to two candidates from Russia this month, they are Anton Nedbaev (Yacht Master Ocean) and Mikhail Markov (Yacht Master Offshore). Congratulations to you both and welcome to our growing family of yachtsmen.

16th June 2016

A number of candidates who have successfully achieved qualifications this month. Our many congratulations to Cesare Gagliardoni, originally from Venezuela; Sergey Usov from Russia; three candidates from Bulgaria: Georgi Ovcharov, Petko Nanchev and Aleksandar Penev; and Massimo Ciriaco from Italy. Blessings and good wishes to you all.

7th May 2016

Congratulations to Damyan Momchilov (Bulgaria) and Lev Potopakhin (Ukraine) who have achieved qualifications with MYA. We wish them every succes in their future career.

30th April 2016

Exciting times for MYA’s new Management Team! Following an ‘Away-day” at the recently opened Welsh Sailing Academy and a major review of the Associations key objectives going forward, a new UK Company has been set up; MONTSERRAT YACHTING (UK) LTD, Company Number10140941, Registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Montserrat Yachting (UK) Ltd is now the parent company of Montserrat Yachting Association Ltd. Our Managing Director Peter Ainsworth explained that the new company structure will open up exciting opportunities for MYA and will enable the Association to forge even closer affiliations with other National and International Yachting Organisations.

Our International Network of Instructors, who provide invaluable support to the organisation in setting and maintaining the standards of our qualifications will continue to work as before within the new structure, but we have also introduced a new title of “Agent” as we are fortunate to have the support of experienced Sea-Captains who are doing an invaluable job of promoting the Association around the worlds’ oceans. By putting forward experienced yachtsmen for Certification with MYA, they are making an excellent contribution to raising the standard of sea-farers everywhere.

It was also decided to introduce a “Members Organisation” under the umbrella of Montserrat Yachting Association Ltd. All MYA-Certified Yachtsmen will be granted FREE MEMBERSHIP of the Association, with Member Benefits to include Discounts on additional Qualifications and renewals of Certificates, Special Offers on exclusive Clothing and Merchandise, advantageous vacation rental opportunities and much more to come in the future. Note to our Yachtsmen: if you have not heard from us yet about Membership, please be patient, we will get to you shortly!

New Initiatives for the Montserrat-based arm of the Association will include:-

DIRECT EXAMINATIONS – On-board observation by an RYA Qualified Instructor during a planned sea-passage, tailored to test the skills and knowledge of experienced yachtsmen and enable them to achieve Internationally Recognised Qualifications. This will provide a valuable service to those sea-farers who have learnt their trade ‘on-the-job’ whilst never gaining any qualifications – and those seeking to advance their careers know only too well that employers these days want to see hard evidence in the form of Certificates of Competence. (Available immediately, contact us for more information).

PRACTICAL SAILING INSTRUCTION – One-to-one training in Basic Techniques on board the Associations own traditional lug-sail rigged Yawl, individually tailored to suit the needs of the learner. (Available from January 2017, in the idyllic Caribbean waters around Montserrat).

21st April 2016

We are delighted to welcome back Serge and Tirzah Yanchyshyn, founders of Montserrat Yachting Association. Serge and Tirzah will be responsible for developing MYA business in Asia, from their current base in Shanghai. We are so looking forward to working with you again. Recent candidates from Serge and Tirzah include Yury Serdyuk and Alexei Ganzhenko from Russia and Jurij Dorosenko from Slovenia. All of the above have achieved Yacht Master Ocean Qualifications. Our congratulations to you all.

Also awarded Yacht Master Ocean is Zhivko Kyosev from Bulgaria. Every success to you in your future career Zhivko and we hope to hear more of you in the future.

15th April 2016

Congratulations to the following candidates who have successfully achieved qualifications. They include Igor Varan and Oleksandr Alyeksyenko who have been awarded Yacht Master Ocean Certificates of Competence, via Igor Melnyk, our Instructor in Ukraine; also successful was Mohamed Ahmed (Bulgaria), Nikolay Galabov and Milen Mitev (Bulgaria). We wish them every success in their future career - and hope they will keep in touch to let us know how they are getting on!

7th April 2016

Managing Director Peter Ainsworth today met up with Vice Admiral Tim Laurence, who is the husband of The Princess Royal (Princess Anne). Vice-Admiral Laurence was most interested to hear of Montserrat Yachting Association. He and his wife have both visited Montserrat in the past - in fact when the Princess last visited the island, she stayed in the very house where our MD now lives! She also spent her honeymoon on Montserrat, when she stayed with Captain Mark Philips at the lovely Vue Pointe Hotel, which is sadly closed following the volcano eruption. Vice Admiral Laurence was very happy to hear of the success of Montserrat Yachting Association and wished the organisation well for the future.

27th March 2016

A very Happy Easter and blessings to all our friends, Instructors and Yachtsmen in all corners of the world.

29th March 2016

Congratulations to Hristo Zhelev from Bulgaria on achieving the Yacht Master Ocean qualification from Montserrat Yachting Association Ltd. Every success to you in you future career Hristo!

Congratulations to the latest candidates to achieve COC Qualifications from Montserrat Yachting Association Ltd, including Mykhailo Morez in Italy, Alexandre Smirnov in France and Chavdar Aleksandrov in Bulgaria. We wish you all every success in your future career.

9th March 2016

New Directors of Montserrat Yachting Association, Peter and Margaret Ainsworth enjoying their first months in the 'hot seat' - getting to know the organisation, the staff, instructors and meeting up with some of our yachtsmen who have achieved qualifications during the past year. Looking forward to being in contact with all our overseas partners in the next few months

11th December 2015

Montserrat Yachting Association's office in Marine Village, Little Bay has diversified. With us you can now find Montserrat Island Dive Centre - feel free to pop in for a sailing charter as well as lessons in sailing and diving!

14th November 2015

Montserrat Yachting Association welcomes its new President and Vice-President as of 1st January 2016, Mr. Peter Ainsworth and Mrs. Margaret Ainsworth, who have been active members of the association!

7th October 2015

We apologize with deep regret that our participation in the 35th International Istanbul Boat Show has been cancelled. This cancellation was due to unexpected changes in UK visa requirements. However, you can still purchase MYA watches at HALF PRICE (USD$250.00) + DHL shipping by sending us an e-mail request!

7th August 2015

Montserrat Yachting Association will be participating in the 35th International Istanbul Boat Show from October 6-11, 2015! Join us at Stand A20 - MYA watches will also be on sale, DHL shipping is included in price.

20th July 2015

Congratulations to our first local students who completed app. 6 months of training: Berrak Damlacik (Day Skipper, Turkey); Maxime Laforge (Coastal Skipper, France); Victor Perez (Day Skipper, Spain) and Alicia Herrero Huerta (Day Skipper, Spain). Good work!