MAY 2021

Our Organisation continues to grow, and we always appreciate it when existing Members recommend their colleagues to us. As a Members' Association, we know our Members will ensure the standards of MYA are strictly upheld. Remember this! MYA Qualifications are only offered to appropriately qualified and experienced Yacht-Captains and Crew Members.

Some news from the RYA - they are saying that RYA Qualifications are no longer being recognised by some European Countries. According to the RYA, this is due to Brexit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and your families in this challenging Covid 19 or Coronavirus time. We hope you will all remain healthy, and that the restrictions are not affecting your employment.


Another year begins with more Yachtsmen and women joining MYA every week. We are so fortunate to have this growing family of experienced, qualified people! We wish the compliments of the season to all our Instructors, Agents, Members and Friends all around the world, and we wish you everything you wish for yourself in 2021 and beyond. MYA is a growing organisation, yes, but still small enough for us to have a personal relationship with all our Members - I hope you know that you can contact us, and we will make every endeavour to answer your query immediately and fully.

Here is a reminder to all those Members who need to renew their certificates in 2021. We are sending out reminders, but there is no guarantee that the contact details we have for you are still up to date. Don't forget, it is your responsibility to renew your membership every five years or risk your name coming off our Register. Renewal is a straight-forward process, just get in touch with us by email and we will take it from there. We can also demonstrate in a practical way how much we value our Members - renewal of Certificates is offered at a very special price, that is 50% of the original cost of certificates! So, don't delay, if your renewal date is coming up, get in touch with us now.

30 October 2018

A busy season for MYA, and much travelling for our Directors, making contacts in countries where MYA is under-represented, and meeting old friends too, great to get to know the latest news of our representatives and to enjoy some social time too. Hopefully we can do some more visits in the coming year.

MYA is planning to undertake some practical skills courses for young people in Montserrat, we now have our training boat ready to use during the Winter and are hopeful that we can attract some enthusiastic youngsters, and they can learn to enjoy sailing as we do. Sadly, there seems to be little progress with the new Breakwater and Port Development in Montserrat, which makes planning regular training sessions difficult, as we are often affected by the weather. However we hope to see some progress with the works in 2019.

Members are reminded to check whether their certification is due for renewal. Certificates need to be renewed every five years and the cost of renewal is 50% of the original cost for each certificate. We really appreciate it if you can submit your applications for renewals in good time, before your certificates expire. If you believe you are in a position to upgrade your qualifications, renewal time is a good time to do this. You can RENEW and UPGRADE at the same time, providing the evidence you provide is accepted by our Assessment Panel.